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Her Story

Kimberly Hahn is a careful listener and an energetic leader. Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Cincinnati, Kimberly has lived in Steubenville for thirty years. She is married to Dr. Scott Hahn with whom she has six children and eighteen grandchildren.

Our city. Our home.

Kimberly attended Grove City College, where she met the love of her life, Scott. She graduated in 1979 with a B.A. in Communication Arts. After marrying Scott, she earned her Master of Arts from Gordon-Conwell.

In 1990, Kimberly and Scott chose to settle in Steubenville, so Scott could take a teaching position and they could be closer to extended family in the area. Kimberly focused on raising their children: Michael, Gabriel, Hannah, Jeremiah, Joseph, and David. In addition to being a part of numerous outreaches and ministries in the community, Kimberly was a Big Red Football Mom for two sons and a Catholic Central Soccer Mom for two sons.

Kimberly has contributed to the Steubenville community by caring for neighbors and friends, educating children, and participating in various local civic, music, religious, and athletic groups. In addition to speaking yearly to more than 10,000 people around the country, as well as in Steubenville, Kimberly has written a number of books on marriage and family life.

Kimberly cares deeply for our community. She is seeking re-election to the Steubenville City Council, Council-at-Large, to extend her service. She carries her LaBelle neighborhood in her heart, but she believes that the solutions to the various problems neighborhoods face will only be solved if everyone works together.

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